Podcast 142: 7 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Want To Get Married

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest installment of Carlos Cavallo’s podcast series, you’ll discover WHY men are avoiding marriage – and it’s not commitment phobia

Why do men hold back on that final step of commitment to you?

Why hasn’t he proposed to you yet?

It’s not just fear that prevents him. There is very specific evidence that men see that stop them from proposing. Because the statistics are not looking good. Men are more likely than women to have never gotten married, and fewer find marriage as important than they used to.

The problem isn’t because guys are lazy or just plain immature (even of some of them are.) The reality is that he sees these warning signs – and chooses to stay single.

So how do you turn this around to get him to propose to you? Find out in this week’s podcast.

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