Podcast 123: #1 Reason Men Pull Away and How to Keep Him Interested

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, we’ll count down the top FIVE reasons why your man makes himself scarce from time to time – and it’s NOT because of you…

I’ve been coaching men for almost a decade and a half, and I’ve cracked the code of a man’s behavior – specifically why he pulls away.

Every woman has experienced this jarring panic at some point or another in their relationship.

It may have happened suddenly, taking you by surprise.

Or it might have taken some time before rearing its ugly head on you.

Either way, it feels terrible – and you need to know how to see it coming BEFORE it happens to you.

And before I explain this reason, you need to know why he’s acting this way. Let’s count them down, starting with reason # 5…

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