Podcast 120: Do Guys Mean What They Say When They’re Drunk?

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, let’s decode what men are really trying to say while under the influence.

How many times have you been talking to a guy and wondered… is this guy drunk?

Or… Am *I* drunk??

You’re wondering… Did he actually SAY that?

Or – Did I actually say that?

Or… the worst: Did I TEXT that? And how do I cancel it?

Let’s sit down and have a little heart to heart about this – and I will also tell you whether or not you can believe what that GUY said to you when under the influence.

First of all, they’ve actually studied this under a microscope and have some science-y explanations for you… Don’t worry – it’s going to be totally understandable

The easy answer is that everything he was saying was the truth…

Mostly. You see, it’s all part of…

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