Podcast 119: How To STOP Attracting The Wrong Guys – 5 Simple Steps!

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, I’ll give you FIVE awesome tips to avoiding the losers and getting on the quickest road to your SOULMATE!

If you can’t seem to help yourself from dating the wrong men, your dating strategy probably needs a makeover…

I subscribe to the belief that you’ll enjoy a LOT more success in general just by cutting out bad decision-making. And this also applies to men, dating and relationships.

And making better decisions in dating has a lot to do with re-thinking the process you go through when you first meet a guy.

You’d be surprised with how many quality men will naturally fall into your lap (you can take that figuratively or literally) just by changing a few things in your dating routine.

Here’s my five-step process to getting on the fast track to Mr. Right…

STEP 1: Figure out the kind of guy that’s TRULY right for you

This is such a basic step that a lot of women completely take this for granted. And it’s hurting them in more ways than they realize!

Don’t be like them and just settle for just any guy that comes along – that’s the easiest way to date one loser after another.

Take the time to think about what you actually want – and NEED – in a man to become the best person you can be. Here’s a list of factors/criteria to consider…

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