Podcast 116: 5 Secrets Why Older Women Have The Dating Advantage With Men

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, you’ll learn FIVE REASONS why mature women ROCK!

YES, ladies – OLDER is a GOOD thing, if you know what you’re up to.

But don’t all guys LOVE younger women?

They always seem to love ogling them… usually when you’re out on that date and talking to him – and his eyes wander at the perky butt that passes by.

“HEY! Over here, buddy. Eyes on the prize!” you scream… in your head.

But the reality is something that not many women know about. And if you give me a few minutes, I’ll prove that.

Here’s the secret: Even though you may lose the battle of guys having a wandering eye for those trampy-dressing, barely-women… you can still win the war if you know what men REALLY want.

The fact is that older women have an edge over the giggly, idealistic, and somewhat naive girls out there.

And if you know what that advantage is – you can use it to devastate the competition!

My FREE Podcast series reveals the secrets of how to make a man fall in love with you AND the secret psychology of men. You’ll find out the secrets of what men want in a woman, and how to make him fall for you.

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