Podcast 112: 5 Warning Signs Of Bad Love Affair – Men To Avoid!

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, I’ll give you a heads-up on the warning signs you need to know before it’s too late!

Bad dates: they happen. And unfortunately, way too often.

If you want to find love these days, you have to swim through a virtual ocean of frogs. They just don’t make men like they used to.

Unfortunately for women today, wimpy, whiney guys lurk everywhere – and you need to make sure you don’t clog your life up with one of these losers.

And here’s the cruddy part… it’s not just men, it’s both sides of the gender divide.

Make no mistake – guys and gals everywhere are unhappy with the state of the dating union. Character is starting to be difficult to find in both sexes.

But since we’re only concerned with you ladies, I’m going to focus our advice on how to pick the good guys – and leave those other runts behind.

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