Podcast 109: Why Don’t Men…? 5 Truths About What Men Think

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this podcast episode, you’ll find out the top 5 five things men DON’T do – and why…

Most women are eager to pick a guy’s brain. They’re fascinated with how guys think and why they do – and don’t do – certain things.

And you probably want to understand male behavior too since it’ll help you in your own relationship. After all, knowledge gives you the power to create a stronger connection with your guy.

Plus, it’s way easier to get through his walls and get him to commit to you and the relationship!

There are things that keep a guy from going all the way, so it’s helpful to know how to get rid of those roadblocks.

For example, many men are known for not replying to text messages – some for days or weeks. Then suddenly you get a message from him out of the blue…so what’s up with that?

I’ll give you the low-down of why this happens and what goes through his head when he decides to go silent on you.

But I’ve got a lot MORE to talk about in my podcast, so tune in and hit that play button now!

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