Podcast 97: 5 Ways To Make Men Chase You After You’ve Slept With Him

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, we’ll get into the fine art of keeping the pursuit alive well after the ‘Morning After’.

I have a feeling a lot of men are gonna be angry at me after I reveal the secrets to what we REALLY think about you. We kinda like to play it close to chest so some fellas out there might not appreciate me giving you the REAL deal on what truly makes us fall for women.

But then again, who knows? I’m willing to bet a LOT of other guys – the kind you want – actually welcome this change.

After all, we’d probably save ourselves a lot of mind games (and the grief that comes with it) by laying it all out on the table.

So I want to help you to create an atmosphere of romance and attraction with your guy so he’ll come knocking on your door…even AFTER knocking boots with him.

(If you know what I mean…)

The thing is, while political correctness definitely has its place these days, sometimes too much of it can kill the romantic tension we all enjoy between the sexes.

It seems that the spirit of spontaneity and sexual chemistry is slowly giving way to men’s fear of being overbearing…or even creepy. A lot of guys are lot more reserved now when it comes to approaching women for a simple conversation because of this climate we’re living in.

And if you’re interested in a relationship, I’ll show you FIVE THINGS you can do to keep those lines of healthy communication open – with emphasis on “healthy.”

Let’s face it, there are genuine creeps out there with no concept of personal boundaries. It’s a sad reality we have to deal with, but don’t let that stop you from meeting those quality men you need in your life!

If you want to find out how to keep guys chasing you in spite of the hurdles, check out this podcast now.

It’s easy to sleep with a guy if the chemistry’s there. It’s a little trickier though when you want him to stick around after the fact.

Hit that play button to learn how to keep the game going just when he thinks he’s “got” you!

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