Podcast 96: 5 Problems AND Solutions to Save Your Relationship!

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, we’ll go head to head with some of the worst problems you need to be aware of.

Relationships can be a slippery slope filled treacherous twists and turns, but I can show how to get around the biggest problems couples have to deal with.

I’ll give you the basic know-how you need to fix those pesky roadblocks to relationship bliss. Once you’ve gotten those out of the way, you’ll clear a path to a higher level of commitment and devotion between you two.

So we’ll talk about the 5 worst issues women often face – and of course, the 5 ways to make sure they don’t ruin your relationship!

For instance, the first one is communication – and the conflict that follows from lack of it.

Then, there’s the matter of issues in the bedroom. A strained sex life isn’t a good foundation for a solid relationship.

Usually, there are factors causing a lack of physical intimacy. So you need to tackle them if you want the sex to flourish.

There are a few more problems we’ll get into aside from those. Then I’ll reveal the solutions to help you get past those issues.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got all of that covered in this super quick but helpful dating advice podcast to get you and your man on the right track!

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