Podcast 91: 5 Things Men Want In A Woman!

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, there’s something I’ve been dying to discuss here for a while. Namely, the things a man wants in a woman.

But hang on – because I need to get something else out of the way first – and it may rock you a bit.

When I tell women that they should give their guy space and not to text him daily, they often ask me:

“Doesn’t that give them the space to go and potentially meet someone new?”

The thing is, he will ALWAYS have this opportunity to meet other people. But you can’t smother him to the point that he can’t think about other people – or leaving you.

This is NOT what a man wants in a woman. I know that’s harsh of me to say – but it is sincere. Because there is an underlying assumption in that kind of question.

It’s that you can’t create a relationship with a man because he can’t be trusted if you aren’t there watching him 24/7.

This belief is based on a bunch of other things, but MOSTLY that your own value isn’t enough to keep him interested. That’s something a lot of women need to root out and erase from their brain. It kills so many women’s chances at a real committed relationship.

To help you understand better what men really want, let’s move on to the 5 things men DO want in a woman – and a wife…hit play to get started!

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