Podcast 83: 7 Ways To Seduce Him With TOUCH

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, I’ll teach you how to tantalize his senses and make him BEG for more.

Back in the day, it was probably easier to find a guy.

There always seemed to be at least a few hanging around within 30 foot radius in high school or college.

Nowadays, you need to step it up a bit more to catch a man and keep him.

Not only that, you’re likely interested in taking an active role in SEDUCING HIM – pronto.

We’ll talk about the different ways you can use your hands (and other parts of your body) to make him sit up and take notice. And it’s not just about reaching down you-know-where.

The truth is, many guys prefer a SLOW BURN – and I’ll show you how to give it to him.

Remember, a little anticipation never hurt anyone 😉

These are subtle tactics, but make no mistake, they are highly POTENT and will practically intoxicate a guy.

He won’t know what’s happening he’s already under your seductive spell…

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