Podcast 73: 5 Ways To Reject a Guy – Gracefully!

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, I’ll give you a simple five-step exit strategy for rejecting a guy – and keep everyone’s feelings intact.

When I was still single, I knew rejection was part of the game so I didn’t take it personally. But some guys DO and get emotional about it.

It’s not your fault if he flips out (don’t worry, I’ll show you how to handle this scenario). But you STILL need to know how to turn down a man the RIGHT way.

After all, there are plenty of emotionally mature guys who are cool about getting turned down, so you have to consider their feelings too.

Giving the bad news can be tough, so I’ll reveal the steps to help you get through this awkward part of dating.

However, there are a few realities about rejecting a guy that we’ll also discuss in this podcast…

We’ll get into the things you can’t control (his feelings), those that you can (your own reaction) – and why some guys are so darn persistent!

Once you go through these really quick pointers, I’ll give you a rundown of the needed steps to break the news to him that he’s just not your type.

Rejecting him doesn’t have to be painful ordeal. In fact, it could a POSITIVE experience that BOTH of you can learn from.

All you gotta do is follow the steps in my podcast, and you’re good to go…

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