Podcast 66: 6 Guys You Shouldn’t Date – Part 2

http://www.datingadviceguru.com – In this latest podcast episode, let’s get into PART 2 of the worst guys you SHOULDN’T date!

(NOTE: Don’t forget to catch PART 1 of this podcast series if you haven’t listened to it yet!)

Like I said before, these undateable guys AREN’T necessarily bad people, but the red flags (which I’ll reveal to you) will still make it difficult – if not next to impossible – to have a stable relationship with them.

For instance, there’s the egomaniac who can’t seem to get enough of himself. He’s looking out for Number One, and there isn’t much room for anyone else in the kind of relationship he wants.

(Hint: It’s ALL about HIM!)

Then there’s the classic player who just can’t settle down with one lady. He seems to good to be true mainly because his slick act is hiding something shady underneath.

I’ll explain exactly what makes him tick AND why you shouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole!

But we’re not just covering guys to avoid – you’ll also get a nice little BONUS at the end. We’ll get into the men you SHOULD date and why they’re a keeper.

So stick around for that 😉

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